Research interests

  • lexicography and lexicogrammar
  • corpus linguistics
  • natural language processing
  • language technology infrastructure
  • computer-assisted language learning and teaching

Finished projects

  • Communication in Slovene (2008-2013)

    Role: coordinator
    Financed by: European Social Fund and Ministry of Education, Science and Sport
    Description: Web portals, lexical data, text corpora, language technologies and resources for modern Slovene.

  • FidaPLUS corpus (2003-2006)

    Role: coordinator
    Financed by: Slovenian Research Agency
    Description: FidaPLUS corpus was a reference corpus of written texts of various genres published between 1990 and 2006 containing 621 million words. The next generation of the FidaPLUS corpus is Gigafida compiled in the Communication in Slovene project.

  • FIDA Corpus (1997-2000)

    Role: coordinator
    Financed by: DZS publishing house and Amebis company
    Description: FIDA corpus was a reference corpus of various genres of written texts published between 1990 and 2000 containing 100 million words. The next generation of the corpus was the FidaPLUS corpus.

  • The Oxford-DZS comprehensive English-Slovenian dictionary (1995-2006)

    Role: Editor-in-Chief
    Financed by: DZS publishing house
    Description: The goal of the project was to compile a corpus-based reliable and user-friendly English-Slovenian dictionary which describes modern English and Slovenian languages and provides contrastive analysis of this language pair. This project also produced the FIDA corpus of Slovenian.

Current projects

  • ELEXIS (2018-2022)

    Role: project leader
    Financed by: European Commission, Horizon 2020
    Description: European Lexicographic Infrastructure, EU Research and Innovation action

  • New Grammar of Modern Standard Slovene (2017-2020)

    Role: project leader
    Financed by: Slovenian Research Agency
    Description: The project aims to explore linguistic methodological foundations of a complex analysis of written and spoken Slovene, as found in the new corpora developed in recent projects. Resulting methodology and data will provide a sound foundation for future work on empirically based description of Slovene.

  • Upgrade of Gigafida, Kres, ccGigafida and ccKres (2015-2018)

    Role: project leader
    Financed by: Ministry of Culture
    Opis: The project has three goals: targeted acquisition of new materials, upgrade of linguistic processing of new and existing materials, public availability and dissemination of new corpora.

  • European Language Resources Coordination (2015-2019)

    Role: Anchor Point for Slovenia
    Financed by: European Commission, Connecting Europe Facility (CEF)
    Description: ELRC network manages, maintains and coordinates the relevant language resources in all official languages of the EU and CEF associated countries. These activities will help to improve the quality, coverage and performance of automated translation solutions in the context of current and future CEF digital services.