Research interests

  • lexicography and lexicogrammar
  • corpus linguistics
  • natural language processing
  • language technology infrastructure
  • computer-assisted language learning and teaching

Finished projects

  • Role: Coordinator
    Duration: 2008-2013
    Financed by: European Social Fund and Ministry of Education, Science and Sport
    Description: Web portals, lexical data, text corpora, language technologies and resources for modern Slovene.

  • Role: Editor-in-Chief
    Duration: 1995-2006
    Financed by: DZS publishing house
    Description: The goal of the project was to compile a corpus-based reliable and user-friendly English-Slovenian dictionary which describes modern English and Slovenian languages and provides contrastive analysis of this language pair. This project also produced the FIDA corpus of Slovenian.

Current projects

  • Role: project leader
    Duration: 2019-2024
    Financed by: Slovenian Research Agency
    Description: Research covers five general areas integrating interlinked resources and technologies into a unified research programme: language description, standardization, language technologies, terminology and multilinguality.

  • Role: project leader
    Duration: 2017-2020
    Financed by: Slovenian Research Agency
    Description: The project aims to explore linguistic methodological foundations of a complex analysis of written and spoken Slovene, as found in the new corpora developed in recent projects. Resulting methodology and data will provide a sound foundation for future work on empirically based description of Slovene.